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In my spare time, I enjoy making smaller games to keep motivated, learn new techniques and to have some fun!


Made Feb-July 2017. Play it here: 

An 80s style beat-em-up, inspired by the likes of Street FighterMortal Kombat and Marvel Vs Capcom.

Fight through a single-player game mode, unlocking new characters and a VS mode so you can play against your friends in local-multiplayer Player Vs Player action!



Made Oct-Nov 2016.

Play it here: 

A singleplayer ‘clicker’ game, with a Voxel art style, which tries to mimic the frantic feeling of being an indie developer.

Attempt to make your first game while trying to stay healthy, social and earning enough money to pay the bills. This was meant to be a smaller project but I liked it alot and ended up spending a month and a half on it!


 Made May 2016.

A single-player continuous runner game with a pixel art style.

Jump/switch to the correct shape for the oncoming obstacle. A simple game mechanic but it allowed me to learn Unreal 4’s 2D side. I had a lot of fun animating the elements.



Made March 2016.

A single-player game, made by me in a 10-hour game jam.

Time your jump to get a perfect score. Bit of a fail, as I spent too long with the technical side of getting the animation and the slider to be in sync.



Made Feb 2016.

A LAN multiplayer game for 2 players. I wanted to learn about multiplayer replication, toughhh stufff.

First person game where you try to reassemble a gun before the other player can, only one person can survive.



Made Jan 2016.

Made by me in a 12-hour game jam. A local multiplayer game for 2 players using one keyboard and one controller.

Players must race to re-arm their troops before the other player does. Instead of delivering guns, they are delivering actual arms.



Made Dec 2015.

A local multiplayer game for 2-4 players using one keyboard.

With 2 game modes: blow other players out the water before they get you and a timed points mode.


JUCK 2.0

Made Nov 2015.

A local multiplayer game for 2-4 players using one keyboard. The first game jam style game I ever made.

Players must jump over and duck under the obstacles, the person who lasts the longest wins. Several game modes including: normal, healing and unfair.